Spin up at Carnduff!


I thought I had scoured all the video evidence from yesterday’s chase at Carnduff. Then I remembered my wicked point-of-view sunglasses.

I slowed the video down.

This is the moment that the spot in the rotating wall cloud where the funnel is happens to be right above us. Chris and I decide to move a little west in order to get a better view. As we are moving, I notice some dirt being kicked up.

You decide what you are seeing.


Funnels over Carnduff!

Well, today started with some promise, but had I not checked my rearview, we would have missed everything. team member Chris Graham and I made our way down the highway toward Estevan.

We rolled by Carnduff around 5pm, with a small storm and wall cloud behind us. Chris and I kept our eyes on another storm ahead of us. As I checked the rear view, a very defined funnel was evident, so we spun around to watch.

You can as well below.


All Hail Regina!

Sometimes, storms chase you.

I got caught in an unexpected severe storm in the northwest of Regina today. Big Hail.

Hail in Regina