That was the best lightning I’ve ever seen in my life!

Chris Graham sums this capture up nicely.

Captured August 8, 2014 on Tower Road headed north toward the Trans-Canada Highway.


What a difference 6 years makes…

I was exploring the new version of google maps yesterday, and decided to have a peek at a few locations.

The last time the google cars rolled through Joplin, MO was in 2007. They revisited in 2013.

These images show the absolute imaginable devastation the EF-5 tornado committed in 2011. Though nature is beginning to regain her place, it would appear as though most of those affected have moved on or out.
Click on the images below to see the full size.

Joplin 2007

Joplin 2013

Another view shows the width of the damage path. All has been cleared as far as the camera can see.

Joplin 2007

Joplin 2013

Other cities like Vilonia and Columbus have been affected more recently. Spotters were on scene to report, so those whose homes have been taken would be spared their lives.


Severe Weather Outbreak Likely in Dixie Alley

Storm season in the southern United States is upon us.


The Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate risk for tomorrow, encompassing portions of 7 states, including almost all of Arkansas.

There is a trigger – this dryline scenario and ample moisture in the trouble area:


There is ample energy available in the atomosphere to create and sustain storms:


And EHI levels are high enough to produce and sustain significant tornadoes.


While forecasting tornadoes is certainly becoming a better science, it is important that persons stay tuned all thoughout the risk area and have a safety plan in place in order to deal with threatening weather. As always, stay tuned to TVNweather Live to watch chasers in the area keeping you safe.